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Through our municipal government, land use, real estate and litigation practices, Foster Garvey has developed the resources to manage virtually any property acquisition or condemnation proceeding, from large to small. Our attorneys have a long history of assisting both local governments and property owners with condemnation and eminent domain matters and understand the strict rules and guidelines that apply to the process.

Foster Garvey’s experience on both sides of the property acquisition issue enables us to develop strategies that can often avoid condemnation litigation, but our experience allows us to represent clients in trial and negotiations when needed. We are one of the only law firms to offer these services in both Washington and Oregon.

We have substantial experience representing municipal clients in acquisition projects, such as transit stations and rail corridors, arterial street development and expansion, utility corridor development, convention centers, municipal purchase and condemnation of private utility systems, and transit-oriented development. We have also prosecuted and defended inverse condemnation cases, including actions related to taking through regulation or failure to issue land use permits, as well as noise and odor complaints.

Foster Garvey also represents private property owners facing condemnation proceedings. Condemnation matters focus on the amount of compensation and damages, if any, a property owner is entitled. However, every condemnation proceeding presents its own issues including title questions, enforcement of covenants, the validity and scope of easements, and what relocation benefits a property owner or business is entitled to.

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