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Date: October 6, 2022
Time: 9:00am PT
Location: Seattle Convention Center, Seattle, WA

Kinnon Williams, Adrian Urquhart Winder, and Paul Trinchero will be presenting during this morning legal session on the topic of special valuation issues. 

As the need for public facilities continues to grow, conflicts with existing public facilities not only creates legal priority issues, but also interesting valuation questions in trying to value special-use properties. This presentation will focus on the issues to be considered when valuing special-use properties, such as schools, fire stations, hospitals, public housing, and other facilities with specialized uses. We will also look at cases where a loss of fair market value may not be the appropriate standard to determine damage or is inadequate to compensate for loss.

To learn more about the Appraisal Institute 2022 Seattle Chapter Fall Conference and register, please visit the event page

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