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In recent years, union membership has shrunk significantly. But unions are determined not only to survive, but to grow. To achieve this growth, they are stepping up their organizing activity. In addition, pending legislation may make it much easier for unions to organize employees, without the historical protections that exist under current law.

For employers, a unionized environment may pose many more challenges than a union-free environment. These include a loss of control of certain operational decisions, administrative expense, an "us vs. them" mentality and additional complexities in communicating with employees. Foster Garvey Labor Advice lawyers help clients create and maintain a nurturing work environment that is more likely to remain union free. If union-organizing efforts materialize, our team helps clients prepare for and effectively respond to union campaigns.

We also provide other labor-related services such as:

    • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements
    • Interpreting, administering and enforcing collective bargaining agreements
    • Representing clients in grievance arbitrations and unfair labor practice proceedings
    • Advising clients on strike planning and prevention
    • Representing clients in court injunction proceedings involving unlawful strike or picketing activity

Foster Garvey’s Labor, Employment & Immigration practice includes two lawyers who previously worked at the National Labor Relations Board. They have first-hand experience with the NLRB's perspective on union-organizing efforts, the way it conducts elections that decide union representation and the agency's investigations of unfair labor practice claims. This "insider" experience enhances the practical advice we provide to clients.

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