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Date: December 13, 2018
Time: Noon - 1:30 PM
Location: Seattle, WA

Program Agenda

11:55 AM - Introduction of Program and Announcements

12:00 PM - Ethics: How Do We Address Revised WSBA Opinion 2223?

  • Analyze Draft of Revised WSBA Opinion 2223
  • Analyze RPC interpreted by Revised Opinion 2223
  • When are lawyer mediators “practicing law” according to WSBA?
  • Does Opinion 2223 apply to only family law? What other areas of law are impacted?
  • How should our KCBA ADR Section respond to the draft changes in Opinion 2223?

1:30 PM - Conclusion of program

In "Ethics: How Do We Address Revised WSBA Opinion 2223", Andrew plans to address in details the following issues:

  • When are lawyer-mediators “practicing law"
  • What must lawyer-mediators do to stay within the exceptions to “practicing law”?
  • When does preparation of documents trigger a conflict of interest?
  • Can party consent cure potential conflicts of interest?
  • Does Advisory Opinion 2223 apply to only family law?
  • How have other jurisdictions addressed these issues?
  • Do the limitations on mediator duties create access to justice issues?
  • How should the KCBA ADR Section respond to Revised Advisory Opinion 2223?

Date / Time:
December 13, 2018 | Noon - 1:30 PM

King County Bar Association
1200 Fifth Avenue, Suite 700
Seattle, WA

Please RSVP to Anna at

This section meeting will also be offered to KCBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Section members via an internet video stream. To participate by streaming video and to download materials, please follow these instructions THE DAY OF THE MEETING

    1. You can access the webcast at…the Steaming Meetings page on the KCBA website.
    2. Complete the following information

a) First Name
b) Last Name
c) Email
d) WSBA Number

3. On the Adobe Connect page, click the “Enter as a Guest” button
4.  Enter your name in the box

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