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Date: February 6, 2024
King County Bar Association

Tom Ahearne was recently a featured profile in the King County Bar Bulletin.

The Foster Garvey corner office of Tom Ahearne is an exhibition of adventure, bold living and risk-taking. Reminders of his bowhunting adventures hang on the wall — heads of Washington deer, Wyoming antelope and Montana Bison — along with action photos of his motorcycle racing and snowboarding stunts.

But that life ended on February 11, 2014, when his T12 vertebrae burst upon landing a snowboarding flip at Stevens Pass — shredding his spinal cord, causing serious internal bleeding and permanently paralyzing his legs. By luck, a medevac helicopter happened to be in the area to rush him to Harborview in time to save his life. Surgeries took months, and now the exercise and physical therapy sessions needed to maintain his spinal system take over 20 hours a week.

Even after Tom’s near-death experience left him half paralyzed, he has bravely carried on with his dedication to the law and the underprivileged people it serves.

Read the full profile, here

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