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Date: November 20, 2019
Foster Garvey Newsroom

As part of volunteer efforts for Washington Lawyers for the Arts (WLA), Foster Garvey attorneys participated in Legal Advice Week (LAW), the first-ever, statewide pro bono phone clinic organized by WLA. It was open to artists, companies and organizations throughout Washington state seeking advice relating to some artistic discipline for multiple areas of law. Participants signed up and received 30-minute phone appointments to discuss their legal and business issues.

Foster Garvey attorneys Ben Hodges, Sinjin Dinh, Victoria (Redman) Williamson and Bianca Chamusco, advised six clients on a variety of issues, which included business formation, trademark infringement, copyright registration, music licensing, film optioning and intellectual property ownership in film and music. This has also led to ongoing assistance to some of these clients beyond the WLA LAW requirements, including a Navy veteran starting a film production career in the Seattle area.

For more information, visit the WLA website.

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