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Date: April 11, 2022
Law360 Pulse

Foster Garvey’s newly promoted general counsel is focused on delivering superior client service to his colleagues. In a recent interview with Law360, Dan Keppler described the vision for his leadership role will be to “serve the needs of the firm similar to the way that it works with its clients,” further aligning Foster Garvey’s legacy of best-in-class client service with the evolution of the firm itself as it looks toward future growth.

“I’m enthused, honored, and humbled all at once to step into the general counsel role at Foster Garvey,” Dan told Law360. “Foster Garvey underwent a rebirth of sorts as the product of the late 2019 merger of two similar Seattle-based law firms and with the pandemic lifting, the firm seems awash in creativity and optimism. I’d like to build on that sense of renewal and deliver exemplary service to the firm, its lawyers, and its staff.”

Dan also shared his gratitude for the training and wise counsel bestowed on him by predecessor Cinda Fernald, who recently announced her retirement after 14 years of service as the firm’s general counsel.  “She is one of the cleverest, most compassionate, and most energetic lawyers I’ve ever encountered in my nearly 30 years of practicing law,” he said.

Subscribers can read the full interview with Dan Keppler on the Law360 Pulse website.

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