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Date: March 11, 2024
Location: San Francisco, Calif.

IP trademarks and licensing is a critical component of modern economies, powering innovation in various creative sectors by offering distinctive protection across categories of products and enabling others to produce and sell products and services on behalf of the rights holder. This panel explores the value of ADR as an effective way to resolve IP disputes for internationally renowned brands arising within the entertainment and fashion industries. Parties to disputes within these industries are often sensitive to image and reputational damage necessitating specialized ADR practitioners with deep industry knowledge.

Topics include:

    • An overview of the vast ecosystem that intertwines the entertainment and fashion industries with a survey of IP Licensing issues that arise in the entertainment and fashion industries.
    • What made Barbie™ a record-setting licensed brand and what lessons can be drawn by internationally renowned brands seeking to expand licensing while protecting their IP?
    • How can specialized arbitrator panels consisting of practitioners with significant entertainment, intellectual property, copyright, and fashion experience aid in the resolution of IP disputes?
    • A summary of novel developments in arbitrating such disputes (such as online and in the metaverse).

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