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Date: November 2, 2023
Location: Wild Horse Pass Resort, Chandler Arizona

Foster Garvey’s R. Daniel Carter will share valuable insights on the topic of "Practical Considerations for Operating on Indian Lands" at the Wild Horse Pass Resort in Chandler, Arizona. This informative session will take place at a conference organized by The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law (FNREL).

During this session, R. Daniel Carter will delve into key aspects of operating on Indian lands, addressing critical topics such as:

    • The federal regulatory landscape for operators in Indian country
    • Easements and Rights-of-Way
    • Coordinating with federal agencies and tribal governments

Conference Overview:

This conference is carefully curated to equip attendees with practical knowledge and guidance on navigating the legal complexities of natural resource and energy development on Indian lands. It will cover federal, tribal, and state laws, as well as address crucial political and environmental factors that must be taken into account when embarking on such projects.

Click here to access the conference website.

Post-Conference Paper:

As an additional resource, Daniel has prepared a comprehensive paper titled “Unlocking the Legal Landscape for Energy Production in Indian Country: Understanding Important Reporting, Notice, and Approval Requirements for Oil and Gas Production on Indian Lands." This paper will be published by FNREL post-conference and promises to be an invaluable reference. If you would like access to an advance copy of this paper, please feel free to contact Daniel via email.

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