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Date: May 13, 2020

In an article for Cheers, published on May 12, 2020, Greg Duff discusses the “new normal” for restaurants as states begin lifting “stay-at-home” orders. Duff asks whether guests will ever be able to frequent the dining rooms of their favorite restaurants and, if so, what sanitation procedures will be required for safe operations to resume.

Looking at countries that have begun implementing mandatory sanitation guidelines, as well as insights from the global travel industry, Duff describes social distancing measures and trends that could be coming soon. From temperature screenings to cashless payment systems to the establishment of sanitation managers and committees, Duff describes considerations that must be top-of-mind for restaurant owners and operators as the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve.

Duff urges restauranteurs to take care in adopting new protocols. “Whether any of the identified protocols and procedures – even if followed religiously – will prove effective in combating the virus and its spread is largely unknown. As a restauranteur, you are no in position to assure your patrons of a healthy and safe experience while dining at your restaurant.”

He continues, “If you assure your patrons that your cooks and servers are being tested daily for respiratory distress or fever – even if you never test a single person – your patrons will understandably rely on those assurances. And, if not accurate, those assurances may be used against you if guests contract the virus or suffer from any other condition that could have been reasonably prevented through the actual use of the subject protocols. If you adopt, you must implement.”

To read more, please visit Cheers here.

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