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Date: April 5, 2016
Radio and Television Business Report

Radio & Television Business Report, April 5, 2016.

One of the key goals of due diligence is to avoid unpleasant surprises at various aspects of an acquisition. You must know what you’re buying. Financial due diligence is central to that process, because if you get it wrong on the front end – and risk over-paying – don’t count on making it up by over-performing on the back end … and good luck trying to sue for fraud say finance expert and mental health advocate John Brooks and Garvey Schubert Barer’s Erwin Krasnow in part one of this two-part series.

This article is Part I of a two-part series intended as a primer for those who need to make sure that the financial condition of the business they’re buying is as represented by the seller. As Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust but verify.”   To read the article, please click here.    

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