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Date: October 3, 2019
Foster Garvey Newsroom

UW MedicineSEATTLE, October 3, 2019 – Firm co-founder Mike Garvey and his wife, Lynn, have donated a transformational $50 million gift to the University of Washington to establish the Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions at UW Medicine. The institute will focus on developing effective new treatments for brain disorders, such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions will leverage existing brain health research and clinical programs with a goal of enhancing diagnostic capabilities and developing fast-track treatments for patients.

“With mental health and brain health being brought to the forefront in recent years, it is clear there is a critical need,” said firm co-chair Greg Duff. “We proudly applaud Lynn and Mike for their commitment and response to this need, and we are tremendously hopeful about what this will mean for the future of mental and brain health in our communities.”

The gift will fund an interdisciplinary training program for UW Medicine students, clinicians and researchers as well as a patient and family engagement and support team. It will also fund leadership positions, provide resources for operations and support the creation of a collaborative space for the institute.

The Garveys’ donation builds upon recent investments made by the Washington State Legislature toward behavioral health. Earlier this year, the Washington State Legislature made a $225 million investment in a new Behavioral Health Teaching Facility at UW Medicine.

The Garvey Institute will be the second neuroscience-focused institute in Seattle. The Allen Institute for Brain Science examines how the brain works, while the new Garvey Institute will take a more clinical approach to brain health.

Mike Garvey is also the primary founder of Saltchuk, a Seattle-based family of transportation and distribution companies.

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