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Date: April 14, 2022
Reader's Digest 

In a recent article about the rise of QR code scams following their increased use during COVID, Of Counsel Eva Novick shared her expert insights on the complexities of spotting fraudulent QR codes. “Since QR codes just look like a bunch of lines and blobs to most of us, it’s really difficult to spot a fake QR code,” says cybersecurity attorney Eva Novick.

Though tricky for the average consumer to identify, she says the best way for consumers to protect themselves is to use the same precautions they have grown accustomed to with email scams. “Make sure to pay attention to small spelling errors,” Novick says. “ and are not the same sites as”

Finally, she notes that if consumers suspect a site may not be safe, to type in the name into a web browser to verify its validity. “Being smart and observant can help you protect yourself from most online scams,” Novick says.

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