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Date: March 15, 2016
Location: Portland, OR

Although we all try to get everything exactly right, sometimes mistakes happen.  At this Euclid event we will examine what happens when we realize there was a mistake.  Sometimes the mistakes are caught quickly, and sometimes it can take decades – what can jurisdictions do to address these mistakes, if anything; and when does a city have to just “let it go”?

Some of the topics we plan to discuss include:
  • What happens when a building permit is issued that doesn’t match the design approval?
  • How should we address development that was approved in an inappropriate area decades ago?
  • What to do when you get bad advice – stories from the trenches, including Loosli v. City of Salem, 215 Or App 502, 170 P3d 1084 (2007) and Wild Rose Ranch Enterprises v. Benton County, 210 Or App 166, 175, 149 P3d 1281 (2006), rev den, 342 Or 504 (2007).
We also welcome discussion of your own war stories – we hope to have a robust dialogue about options that are available. 
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