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Date: June 6, 2017
Location: Portland, OR

We all have implicit biases – ways in which we think things about other people that are based on our own bias, not on reality – which are unconscious and hidden from us. As Daniel Kahneman has said, "We're blind to the obvious, and blind to our blindness" about our own thinking which can be mistaken. The key question is always whether we are willing to learn about ourselves and – importantly for our workplaces – at what point do our implicit biases become another person's job impediments? When do implicit biases push you away from qualified candidates, for example?

Our panelists will define implicit bias and micro-aggressions and help us understand how they appear in interpersonal interactions at work. In addition, they will help us understand how implicit bias and micro-aggression can be an impediment to another person's ability to accomplish his or her job. Joy Ellis will help us navigate the difference between what is illegal discrimination on the one hand, and undesirable behavior on the other because it negatively impacts a work group's functioning, communication and trust.

Finally, our panelists will address how to handle the range of issues which manifest in this area. How do you handle micro-aggressions if it doesn't tip over into illegal behavior? How do you help people see their own implicit bias? How do you help your employees develop insight and improve their communication so that all can thrive?

Co-panelists: Sirius Bonner and Lillian A. Tsai

For additional information, visit the event page on the NWEEO website.

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