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Date: July 20, 2016
Location: Phoenix, AZ

This session will give attendees a deep dive into how the FCC regulates radio broadcasters. This session will introduce participants to Part 73 of the FCC’s rules and focus on how those rules govern broadcasters and the ongoing filings that any broadcaster needs to make with the FCC. Most importantly, this session will explore the FCC’s new Tribal Priority, how it operates for broadcast applicants, and how the Priority makes it far easier for Tribal applicants to obtain broadcast station licenses.

  • FCC Application Process
  • AM, FM, NCE FM
  • Underwriting vs. Commercial Advertising
  • The Tribal Priority
  • Modification Applications, Ownership Reports, Renewal Applications
  • Ongoing requirements
  • Public File Issues, I/P lists, contract filings

Watch a video stream of this session on YouTube. Melodie's presentation, which covers the ongoing legal compliance involved once a broadcaster obtains its license, begins at the 1:59 mark.  

For full conference details, visit the National Tribal Radio Summit event page.

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