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Date: September 7, 2023
Location: Austin, TX

Whether it is sanctioned or not, employees are likely using AI in their jobs. Infosec and legal can work together to address this reality and empower teams. Join us to discuss how to harness the potential of AI in your workforce while proactively addressing legal complexities surrounding intellectual property, security and confidentiality.

The CIO Summit is a two-day conference that offers a unique combination of networking, program and immersive social events for C-level technology executives. Participation is limited to the "who's who" of technology leaders at major hotels, casinos, cruise lines, management and timeshare companies, allowing the industry's best, small peer networking experience. Launched in 2002, the CIO Summit has grown every year - gathering more than 400 hospitality CIOs in 18 years.

Produced by Hospitality Upgrade, Powered by HFTP.

For more information, visit the CIO Summit website.

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