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Date: June 14, 2017
Location: Portland, OR

Despite congressional rhetoric about tax simplification, our tax laws continually become more complex. The vast growth of the size of a typical tax practitioner’s library is one of many indicators of this increased complexity. In 1954, the complete CCH tax service fit into a 9-volume set of books containing a total of 14,000 pages of materials. By 1984, the same tax service had grown to a 14-volume set of books containing a total of 26,300 pages of materials. 

Today, the complete CCH tax service has reached a size of over 25 volumes containing approximately 60,000 pages of materials. This represents growth in mere volume of materials of greater than 400% in less than 55 years. IRC § 1031 is no exception to the complexity of our tax laws.

At the 2017 OSCPA Real Estate Conference, Larry Brant will cover several recent developments in the world of IRC § 1031 exchanges. In addition, he will address some recent developments impacting taxpayers, tax advisors and the Qualified Intermediary industry.

Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel
8235 NE Airport Way
Portland, Oregon

For more information and to register, visit the OSCPA Real Estate Conference page.

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