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Date: December 30, 2015
American Property Tax Counsel

Washington’s 2016 legislative session, which starts January 11, will feature an effort that merits national attention: a proposal by Senator John Braun to create a fairer and more efficient system for resolving tax disputes by forming a judicial branch tax court. The proposal deserves support from all taxpayers because it would accomplish important aims lacking in Washington’s current system while continuing to offer the option of informal proceedings. It would streamline the overall process to reduce the cost and delay in reaching a final resolution not subject to further appeal, provide a body of reliable decisions by experts in tax law that contributes to certainty and predictability in taxes, ensure fair voter representation in the election of the judges that create state tax jurisprudence, allow cases to be heard in various parts of the state for convenience of the taxpayer, and encourage mediation to resolve cases.

For more information, visit APTC's Washington Property Tax Updates' page.

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