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Date: March 1, 2012
American Property Tax Counsel

Washington's county boards of equalization and state board of tax appeals are experiencing hefty backlogs. Unlike some states where local board hearings must be held within weeks, Washington's boards hear appeals all year. King County saw a tremendous increase in appeals from approximately 4,800 before the 2009 tax year to 13,200 that year. With upwards of 7,000 appeals each subsequent year, the board now typically hears appeals six to eight months after filing. The state board also has a large backlog: 2,645 cases as of February 29. For the 2012 fiscal year, only 58% of its cases reached completion within one year from filing to publication of a decision. Petitions filed now at the state board will likely take nearly a year to schedule. The recent appointment of Marta Powell to the three-member board after a vacancy of nearly three months may help ease the state board's backlog somewhat.

For more information, visit APTC's Washington Property Tax Updates' page.

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