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Sports & Entertainment Spotlight: The Stadium Naming Rights for the Pittsburgh Steelers Are No Longer Held by Condiment Mavens Heinz, as Those Rights Now Belong to Acrisure Insurance Company

Welcome back to the "Spotlight," where no receipt is required for your return. By contrast, Elon Musk will need to show a little more than a receipt to get out of his $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter. That sure puts in perspective, well pretty much all cases of buyer’s remorse that I have experienced in my day. In Hollywood, there’s certainly no buyer’s remorse to be had for Apple+, whose European football comedy series “Ted Lasso” tallied twenty Emmy Award nominations, matching last year’s total. Time (and an arbitrator in the NFL’s disciplinary hearings) will soon tell, though, how much regret the other football’s Cleveland Browns may have in giving Quarterback Deshaun Watson a fully-guaranteed $230 million contract this offseason notwithstanding scores of sexual assault accusations. My hope and promise is that you will never rue a visit to the "Spotlight," including this one below.

    • The stadium naming rights for the Pittsburgh Steelers are no longer held by condiment mavens Heinz, as those rights now belong to Acrisure insurance company. Though that news might leave French fry-loving fans with a bad taste, the Steelers can quickly make amends by offering spilled beer insurance—no deductible.
    • The company behind Bang energy drinks was found to have infringed Universal Music Group’s copyrights by including snippets of songs in TikTok advertisements for the brand. For its part, Bang maintains that it thought that TikTok’s non-commercial blanket licenses from Universal Music Group allowed for commercial use of the songs. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s a pretty important detail one might think you would be able to spot while hopped-up on enough caffeine to give your jitters the jitters.
    • Keeping up with the times U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and The U.S. Copyright Office announced that they are undertaking studies to better understand the interplay of NFT’s and intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, an untold number of people are undertaking studies to better understand, “What’s an NFT”?

Endorsement Deals, Sponsorships & Investments  
NHL makes BioSteel sponsorship official
July 7, 2022 via Sports Business Journal (subscription may be required)
The NHL formally announced that Toronto-based sports nutrition brand BioSteel will replace PepsiCo's Gatorade as the official hydration partner of the NHL and NHLPA.

Fanatics Deepens Nike Ties With College Licensing Deal
July 13, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Fanatics is expanding its relationship with Nike, the latest step in the company’s push to become as prominent—and indispensable—in college sports apparel as it already is in the pros.

K-Swiss and McLaren Racing Partner in Groundbreaking Multiyear Deal
July 11, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Over the course of three days, nearly 300,000 people flocked to Hard Rock Stadium for the inaugural Miami Grand Prix in May.

How Curry Brand Is Using Under Armour’s Tech for Retro Sneakers
July 8, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
En route to securing his fourth NBA title, Golden State Warriors sharpshooting guard Stephen Curry laced up sneakers that had his fans and sneakerheads alike buzzing.

Steelers complete stadium naming rights deal with Acrisure
July 12, 2022 via Sport Business
The National Football League's Pittsburgh Steelers have completed a 15-year naming rights deal with Michigan-based fintech company Acrisure, giving a new name to the team's North Shore stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

NWSLPA, OneTeam Partner for Group Licensing Deal as CBA Opens Door
July 13, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
OneTeam Partners and the National Women’s Soccer League Players Association (NWSLPA) have agreed to an exclusive multiyear licensing partnership.

Snyder Claims Travel and Religion Prevent Testimony as Clock Runs Down
July 11, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder’s showdown with Congress is intensifying. With potential litigation looming over a committee’s request for him to testify, Snyder and his legal team are making moves—both figuratively and literally—that could sideline Congress’s authority until political changes render the controversy moot.

Georgetown Tennis Coach to Serve Time for ‘Varsity Blues’ Fraud
July 6, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Two weeks after a jury acquitted a Georgetown University dad for charges stemming from bribes to former Hoyas tennis coach Gordon Ernst, a federal judge last Friday sentenced Ernst to 30 months in prison and two years of supervised release.

Music Biz
Bang Infringed Music in Scores of TikTok Promo Vids, Court Says
July 13, 2022 via Bloomberg Law (subscription may be required)
Universal Music Corp. proved Bang Energy illegally used portions of their music in roughly 140 promotional TikTok videos, a Florida federal court ruled.

"Live from Abbey Road" - Coinllectibles with SPINK auction house bring music related photographic Fusion DOTs
July 12, 2022 via PR Newswire
Coinllectibles, a fully owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings Inc. (OTC: COSG), is partnering again with SPINK and Son Ltd. to marry its Fusion Digital Ownership Tokens ("DOTs") with a series of photographic images called "Live from Abbey Road".

Eagles lyrics notes were stolen years ago. Now three men face charges.
July 13, 2022 via Washington Post
It was the late 1970s, and the world was basking in the golden age of rock-and-roll. The Eagles were riding a wave of popularity that reached its peak with the release of “Hotel California” in December 1976.

Kate Bush has now made $2.3 million from her 37-year-old song featured in ‘Stranger Things,’ according to one industry estimate
July 7, 2022 via Fortune
A 1985 song featured in the Netflix show "Stranger Things" last month has become a surprise hit this year.

Film & TV
UEFA begins sales process for club competition U.S. media rights
July 11, 2022 via Sports Business Journal (subscription may be required)
UEFA and Relevent Sports Group launched the sales process today for the U.S. media rights to the European governing body’s club competitions -- including Champions League, Europa League and Conference League -- beginning with the 2024-25 season.

Apple, Amazon, Disney Are In Battle Royale For NFL Sunday Ticket
July 8, 2022 via The Street
The first couple of years of the streaming wars have been rough. Consumers who cut the cord with their cable and television service providers now have a plethora of options to sign up for.

Apple’s MLS Deal Shows It Wants to Distribute Rights, Not Buy Them
July 13, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Apple recently won the exclusive rights to stream MLS games on its platforms for 10 years, beginning in 2023, with an offer worth at least $2.5 billion.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
As NFTs Embrace Utility, Fanaply and LiveLike Partner on Programs
July 8, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Despite co-founding NFT provider Fanaply, Mike Rosenthal has not been dismayed by falling crypto prices and their impact on top-selling NFT projects this year.

NFT Purchases Are Now Being Subject To Sales Taxes
July 13, 2022 via Forbes (subscription may be required)
On July 1, 2022 Washington state issued an Interim Guidance Statement (IGS) subjecting NFTs to a 6.5 percent sales tax and a 0.471 percent business & occupancy (B&O) tax.

USPTO, Copyright Office To Study NFTs' IP Impact
July 11, 2022 via Law360
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and U.S. Copyright Office are launching a joint study on NFTs, following a request to do so by lawmakers who said it was "imperative" to understand NFTs' impact on intellectual property rights.

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