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Spotlights: Writers' Strike, Sheeran Prevails in Copyright Battle, Snoop Dogg's NHL Bid, and More

Welcome back to the Spotlight! The buzz this week surrounds the strike announced by the Writers’ Guild of America after failing to obtain concessions from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.  Leave it to the WGA to script that the strike took place on May Day (International Workers’ Day).  As it is, countless television and film productions have been sidelined and rendered speechless. Lucky for you, dear reader, I carry no union cards, so the only “scab” currently in my world is on my son’s chin from a slip and fall.  For any television and film executives out there who are looking for help, consider this blog my portfolio. Feel free to contact me any time.  My conditions of employment? Good question! I have a bunch of requests – but I don’t feel like I have the leverage to ask for them on my own.  If only there were some type of organization of others like me that could negotiate on behalf of us all…oh well! Anyway, brief programming note (call it solidarity) but I will not be in my writers’ room next week. See you in two weeks (unless ChatGPT replaces me in meantime).

  1. Just days after pop singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran testified that he would stop making music if the jury handed down a verdict against him in the copyright infringement litigation by Marvin Gaye’s estate, Sheeran prevailed. Whether it was because the jury thought it was in bad taste when Gaye’s estate made a similar statement, or because there was no substantial similarity in the works is unknown. 

  2. Snoop Dogg joins businessman Neko Sparks’ bid for the National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators. The move would mark the first majority black owned franchise for the NHL, potentially opening up the NHL to an untapped market. Snoop might also bring new meaning to the term, “high-sticking.”

  3. Louisiana State University gymnast and NIL pioneer Olivia Dunne has parlayed her social media presence into the pages of the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The move is not only a lesson on the new self-branding opportunities available for college athletes, but is also likely to drive a photographer’s production assistant to research what to feed a pommel horse.

  4. Nike inks a lifetime deal with Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant. A rare feat, but don’t get too excited – he will probably ask to be traded 2 years from now.     

Endorsement Deals, Sponsorships & Investments

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Inside Snoop Dogg’s bid to help buy the Ottawa Senators: ‘He wants this team’

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New Big Ten commish: Integrating USC, UCLA is top priority

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Music Biz

Ed Sheeran Wins Copyright Case Over Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’

May 4, 2023 via New York Times

Battle for late Johnny Winter's music to play out in court

April 30, 2023 via Chicago Tribune

Film & TV

Hollywood screenwriters call a strike after contract negotiations fail

May 2, 2023 via NBC News

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Emerging Sports

Premier Lacrosse League Plans Shift to City-Specific Teams

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Athletics owner doesn’t deserve public funding from Las Vegas

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