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Spotlights This Week: Ryan Seacrest Takes the Wheel (of Fortune), NCAA Defies State Laws, and Ed Sheeran's Spicy Venture!

Welcome back to the Spotlight! One of the more notable headlines in Hollywood this week is that Ryan Seacrest has been selected as the successor host to Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune.  For a man who wears countless hats, what’s another gig on one of America’s longest running game shows?  Happily, I have my law degree to help keep a moat around this slightly lesser paying position (if I am out next week, it will be because I am taking a break for Independence Day, not because of Seacrest).  For the rest of you, it’s not Artificial Intelligence that’s the biggest threat to taking over your job—it’s Ryan Seacrest (though maybe not mutually exclusive). Speaking of concerns about obsolescence, in response to several states having passed laws shielding state schools from being punished by the NCAA for any NIL-related violations, the NCAA has issued guidance to its member colleges and universities that disregard state laws for purposes of enforcement of NIL violations. In so doing, the NCAA is brazenly thumbing its nose at detractors and setting the stage for a renewed push for federal intervention to provide clarity to confusion arguably wrought by the NCAA itself. In essence, what the NCAA is doing is the equivalent of driving the wrong way on the highway in hopes that it will create a need for a traffic light. Where the chips land at the end of the day is anyone’s guess, but certainly no stretch of the imagination is required to arrive at the conclusion that there will be litigation to resolve the stalemate. After all, what people really want is to have lawyers in the spotlight.

    • Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney (alongside Michael B. Jordan and Redbird Capital) look to spin gold once again, this time on the Formula One circuit through their investment in the Alpine race team. On the one hand, Alpine is seeking to tap into the same success as Wrexham. On the other hand, they’re hoping that when it comes to their cars, they don’t wreck ‘em.

    • No stranger to things fiery red, Ed Sheeran is leveraging his record label’s new venture arm in launching his “Tingly Ted’s” line of hot sauces in collaboration with Kraft Heinz.  Personally, I would have gone with the name “Red Tearin’,” but what do I know about marketing? I’m just a small town lawyer who makes dad jokes.

    • NBA Star Chris Paul invests in plant-based brand Wicked Kitchen founded by brothers Derek and Chad Sarno. Not yet announced is whether Cliff Paul will join his brother on the cap table.

Endorsement Deals, Sponsorships & Investments

SBOTOP signs record shirt sponsorship deal with Fulham FC
June 29, 2023 via Gaming Intelligence

Ed Sheeran’s spices up the hot sauce market
June 29, 2023 via Ireland's Forecourt & Convenience Retailer

NBA Superstar Chris Paul Invests in Plant-Based Brand Wicked Kitchen
June 28, 2023 via VegOut

Paul Pierce, Mayweather Face Reboot of Celebrity Crypto Lawsuit
June 27, 2023 via Sportico
Connor Bedard signs deal with lululemon ahead of NHL Draft
June 27, 2023 via Sports Business Journal
Jake Paul’s Betr Raises $35M at $300M Value Led by Roger Ehrenberg
June 27, 2023 via Sportico
A step toward streamlining athlete-brand collaboration – Cubix is all set to launch College Athlete Influencer
June 26, 2023 via kron4
Fenway Sports Group Buys Second Team in Woods-McIlroy Golf League
June 26, 2023 via Sportico
Ryan Reynolds, RedBird $900M Alpine Deal Reflects F1 Financial Changes
June 26, 2023 via Sportico


Tennessee State University to become first HBCU to introduce ice hockey program
June 28, 2023 via Fox News
Overtime Elite – a private school, basketball league and media conglomerate – just sent two players to the NBA
June 28, 2023 via The Conversation UK

John McEnroe Doesn’t Want to See Tennis Follow Golf’s Saudi Lead
June 28, 2023 via Sportico
Pickleball Is Personally And Financially Welcoming For LGBTQ Players
June 26, 2023 via Forbes

Music Biz

Joe Cocker Estate Inks Broad-Reaching Development Deal with Iconic Arts
June 28, 2023 via Digital Music News
Music industry sounds alarm over AI threat, calls on Congress to act
June 28, 2023 via Kansas City Star
BET Awards delivering party-like celebration of 50 years of hip-hop and its many styles
June 26, 2023 via Sentinel

Film & TV

Jackpocket App Taps 'Quiz Daddy' Scott Rogowsky For New Live Game
June 28, 2023 via WILX-TV
LSU helps fuel record TV numbers for ESPN in Omaha
June 27, 2023 via Sports Business Journal

ESPN Extends Reality in New Studio Built With ‘Mandalorian’ Tech
June 26, 2023 via Sportico

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