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Spotlighting the Power and Peril of Speedy Narratives

Welcome back to the Spotlight! As Winston Churchill once said, “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Of course, Churchill predated the proliferation of social media that has enabled a lie to go even further in a fraction of the time.  Earlier this week, we witnessed how damaging the effects can be, as hasty journalists took a genocidal terror organization at its word and reported that an alleged Israeli airstrike on a Gazan hospital caused an explosion that allegedly killed 500 people.  Spoiler alert: the Israelis were not responsible for the blast, but rather the aforementioned terror organization was. Unfortunately, in the click-driven economy we live in, a premium is placed on speed rather than on truth.  By the time the truth came out, mass protests, riots and antisemitic violence (Including the destruction of synagogues) had already taken place.  Worse, because people are going to believe what they want to believe to fit their own narrative or agenda – even in the face of evidence to the contrary – the proverbial bell cannot be un-rung. No retractions, no mea culpas, no apologies.

A microcosm of this (clearly with not the same gravity, but humor me here) was when it was widely reported that now former Major League Baseball pitcher Trevor Bauer had committed heinous acts of sexual assault against an alleged victim. Bauer was dragged through the mud in the media and released by the Los Angeles Dodgers as a result. Just two weeks ago, we learned that after a two year court battle, it was evident that Bauer had been set-up and was the victim of blackmail.  Unfortunately for Bauer, the exoneration story does not get quite the level of interest as the one that implicated him in wrongdoing – and his baseball future in the US (he currently plays in Japan) remains uncertain at best.  The lesson from these parables? Perhaps we could all refrain from rushing to judgment or jumping to conclusions before casting a story in the spotlight. 

Some highlights from the week:

    • Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Ja’Marr Chase forges a convenient endorsement deal with convenience store chain 7-Eleven because they’re both “always open.”  A much better fit for a wide receiver than a deal with Butterfinger.

    • Milwaukee Bucks Forward Giannis Antetokounmpo sues luxury mattress company Maree for allegedly failing to deliver on quality and quantity while using Antetokounmpo’s name, image and likeness without his consent. Those allegations are enough to lose sleep over. 

    • Taylor Swift’s film chronicling her Eras Tour opened last weekend to millions of screaming and shrieking fans, grossing about $92.8 million in North America and $123.5 million internationally in the opening weekend—a new record for concert films. Fortunately, that should be just enough to cover the cost of repairing the resulting shattered glass mirrors and windows.

Endorsement Deals, Sponsorships & Investments

Newly Rich NBA Rookies Have Made It. Here’s How They Can Keep It.

October 19, 2023 via Sportico

Giannis Sues Luxury Bed Company Over Deficient Product, NIL Use

October 18, 2023 via

War in Israel Will Likely Slow Sovereign Wealth Sports Deals

October 18, 2023 via Sportico

College athlete shoe deals in NIL era get stepped on by lucrative school contracts with big brands

October 17, 2023 via ABC News

LSU All-American Angel Reese signs endorsement deal with Reebok

October 17, 2023 via Richmond Register

Billions in TV revenue, athletes as employees on the line as college sports faces more legal threats

October 16, 2023 via Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Facebook Is Paying Celebrities Millions to Turn Them Into Chatbots

October 12, 2023 via Futurism

Why Zoe White Is The Conference King & Ultimate Playmaker

October 12, 2023 via News Break

NHL's Ottawa Senators enter jersey sponsorship agreement with CIBC

October 12, 2023 via Thorold News


Viral Chargers fan insists the zeal was real, asks team to get word out

October 17, 2023 via NBC Sports

Raptors Chide Knicks Spy Suit as ‘Stunt’ in Appeal to NBA Process

October 17, 2023 via Sportico

Angel Reese, LSU basketball star and Randallstown native, ready for on-court encore amid surging wealth and fame

October 17, 2023 via Baltimore Sun

LA Olympic Games gets green light for five sports entering in 2028

October 16, 2023 via The Independent

Ireland’s embrace of Zombie song at Rugby World Cup stirs debate over lyrics

October 13, 2023 via The Guardian

Pro League Network, NBA Legend Kevin Garnett And Big Ticket Sports To Launch “Str33t,” 3X3 Pro Streetball League

October 12, 2023 via MENAFN

Ali Krieger’s Day Of Honor Part Of Record-Breaking Year Of Growth For Gotham FC

October 12, 2023 via Forbes

Music Biz

Megan Thee Stallion goes indie amid legal battle with label as she teases new 'Act One' project

October 13, 2023 via Los Angeles Times

Ghostwriter, the Mastermind Behind the Viral Drake AI Song, Speaks For the First Time

October 11, 2023 via The Olympian

Film & TV

NFL Viewership Dominates Ratings For Broadcast, Streaming: With Or Without Taylor Swift, Fans Are Watching Football In 2023

October 18, 2023 via

After Taylor Swift, Who Else Could Rock the Box Office Without a Major Studio?

October 15, 2023 via Hollywood Reporter

Streaming is sports fans’ reckoning for cable bundle

October 12, 2023 via Chicago Sun Times

Emerging Sports

Bengals' Ja'Marr Chase partners with 7-Eleven on new merchandise line

October 17, 2023 via Sports Business Journal

Here's How Much AMC Could Make Through 'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' Concert Film

October 20, 2023 via TheStreet

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