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Sports & Entertainment Spotlight: US Premier Rugby Sevens expands to a total of 16 men's and women's teams

Welcome back to the second to last (or penultimate, which is also the name I have given my favorite writing utensil) Spotlight of 2022! That’s right, I’ll be back next week to put a shining bow on the year that was, and then I’m off for the remainder of the holiday season. Lest you forget between hearing the seemingly ubiquitous jingling of bells beside a Salvation Army kettle, watching a marathon of different Hallmark Channel movies that are somehow all the same and suddenly having event plans that require more travel time than the amount of time spent at the event itself (bah humbug!).  But don’t panic now, there is still plenty of time to get some last minutelast-minute shopping (and reading) accomplished. Need gift ideas? You’ve come to the wrong place. All I can tell you is what is likely an unpopular (digital) stocking stuffer this year, as compared to years past: NFTs and cryptocurrencies. I suppose that in light of recent lawsuits (related to EthereumMax and Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club) brought by strangers who have decided to stake their finances on the social media posts of other strangers (who happen to be famous athletes and entertainers that have announced their ownership of NFTs), I ought to disclaim here that this is not investment advice. Though I certainly need not disclaim that I am neither an athlete nor entertainer. So, you might say, for all the wrong reasons, NFTs and cryptocurrency is back in the spotlight. 

    • US Premier Rugby Sevens expands to a total of 16 men’s and women’s teams in an effort to spread interest in the United Kingdom-originated sport stateside in advance of the 2031 Rugby World Cup in the Americas. That’s one kind of UK spread I can get behind. Marmite on the other hand…?
    • Rappers DaBaby and Roddy Ricch are among those named as defendants in a new copyright infringement lawsuit over their 2020 chart-topper, “Rockstar.” My defense strategy would be to plead infancy and have Roddy change his name to “Roddy Insolvent.” But then again, I am not a litigator.
    • College sports recruitment season is in full swing, and the impact of NIL deals is being felt by schools such as Ohio State who are bitter that they are not the highest bidder.

Endorsement Sponsorship and Investments

Celebrities that promoted Bored Ape NFTs are now facing a class action lawsuit

December 13, 2022 via Verge

Chiliz Doubles Down on NFTs with Blockchain Authentication Stake

December 13, 2022 via Sportico - Business

Kim Kardashian Wins Investor Lawsuit Over EthereumMax

December 8, 2022 via CoinDesk - News

PMC Acquires Art Publication Artforum

December 7, 2022 via Greenwich


Jeff Zucker to Oversee $1 Billion Sports Fund for RedBird IMI

December 13, 2022 via Sportico - Business

SBF Arrest on Fraud Charges Forestalls Testimony, FTX Sports Lawsuits

December 13, 2022 via Sportico - Law

Premier Rugby Sevens unveils U.S. expansion plan

December 13, 2022 via

What we’re hearing about the sale of Manchester United

December 12, 2022 via Herrick Feinstein News

St. Louis strengthens ice hockey presence with 2024 ACHA National Championships

December 12, 2022 via Sport Business - News Page (

Music Biz

Do NFTs present a new way forward for the music industry?

December 14, 2022 via CBC Canada - Top Stories

The 10 Biggest Music Business Stories & Trends of 2022: TikTok, Taylor, Web3 & More

December 13, 2022 via Billboard

BTS Business Empire at Risk as K-Pop Band Members Go Solo

December 13, 2022 via Wall Street Journal - Top Stories

Apollo Raises $1.8 Billion in Music Bond Sale, Buys Hunk of Debt

December 8, 2022 via Yahoo Finance - Top Stories

FTX Reached Late Stage Of Negotiation With Taylor Swift Before It Collapsed

December 8, 2022 via International Business Times                                                                                   

Film & TV

Comedian Deon Cole To Host 2023 American Black Film Festival Honors

December 14, 2022 via Deadline - Hollywood Breaking News

Akshay Kumar, the most visible endorser in TV ads in Sept quarter: TAM AdEx

December 14, 2022 via Hindu Business Line, The (India)

Warner Bros. Discovery deals with Sportdeutschland.TV for Handball Worlds rights

December 12, 2022 via Sport Business

Competition Commission probing SuperSport-PSL TV rights relationship

December 8, 2022 via Times LIVE - Top Stories

Little Britain, Big TV: Inside the BBC’s Streaming Strategy The Beeb’s most popular shows are spread out across American streaming services. That’s by design.

December 8, 2022 via New York Magazine

Emerging Sports

The World's First Official Female Specific Game Ball, Custom Designed by Women, for Women and Girls

December 14, 2022 via PR

AIA adds girls’ flag football to state’s sports offerings

December 13, 2022 via Verde News

Pickleball players banned from Manhattan park after turf war with kids

December 8, 2022 via News Break

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