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From Historic Ides to Pies and Pitches: This Week's Spirited Sports & Entertainment Roundup

Happy Ides of March to all who celebrate—apologies to Julius Caesar who was famously assassinated for his tyranny over the Roman Empire in dictating that people’s salads be topped with anchovies (…or something like that). I would also be remiss if I did not wish my readers Ramadan Kareem. For those looking to raise a pint (or five) this weekend, may you have a Happy, sham-rockin’ St. Patrick’s Day and end the day more clothed than John Cena at the Oscars (we can see you, John) and less shame than Jonathan Glazer at the Oscars (we refute you, Jonathan). And for the mathletes out there—a belated Happy π (3.14) Day! Unlike π, I will not keep going on and on but will instead wrap with this:  

    • French footballer Kylian Mbappé is threatening legal action against a French kebab vendor, taking issue with an unauthorized use of his name in the description of a menu item that is made with “baker round bread, as round as Mbappé's skull.” Meanwhile, I take issue with the lack of creativity – how about “bread so fresh it will make Kylian introduce himself as “Mmmmkebabappé?”

    • This past week, Senator Ted Cruz oversaw a panel on the issues in college athletics that proposed legislation seeks to address by providing antitrust protection and regulation to the multibillion dollar industry. Cruz put the chances of legislation passing at a 50-50 shot—which is not all that different from saying that whoever scores the most points in a football game will win.

    • Wrexham AFC owners (along with a whole host of other titles) Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds announce that Ally Bank is sponsoring its stateside summer tour, by way of a commercial produced by an arm of McElhenney’s newly formed, multifaceted company, “More Better Industries.” Now that’s setting the bar high for ambition and low for grammar!

Endorsement Deals, Sponsorships & Investments
PSG star Kylian Mbappé sues kebab maker for using his name
March 14, 2024 via ABC News

Lawsuit against Banksy could force the artist to reveal their identity
March 12, 2024 via 23 ABC News Bakersfield
Wrexham Lands Ally Financial as Sponsor for U.S. Summer Tour
March 11, 2024 via Sportico
NWSL, Amazon Expand Business Partnership With Retail Deal
March 11, 2024 via Sportico
Logan Paul's 'Prime' becomes WWE's largest sponsor in company history, will be first in-ring ad
March 9, 2024 via Fox Business
Barstool Sports pulls plug on NIL platform
March 8, 2024 via Awful Announcing
The Caitlin Clark business is booming. Here’s how her WNBA sponsorships are lining up
March 8, 2024 via Athletice

Slam Acquires College Basketball Apparel Brand 19nine
March 8, 2024 via Sportico
Business Beyond the Game: Jamal Mashburn’s Post-NBA Biz Success
March 8, 2024 via Sportico


Sen. Ted Cruz says there's a 50-50 chance of Congress passing college sports legislation this year
March 12, 2024 via Washington Post

NWSL set to kick off revolutionary season
March 11, 2024 via Sports Business Journal

Film & TV  

Rob McElhenney Launches Multi-Faceted Company More Better Industries
March 12, 2024 via Variety

Lori Loughlin Parodies College Admissions Scandal on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Playing Herself as a Liar and Golf Cheater
March 11, 2024 via Variety

Las Vegas lands a major film industry event
March 11, 2024 via Las Vegas Review Journal
Rams Announce Matthew Stafford Documentary at SXSW
March 11, 2024 via Sportico

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