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Echoes of Super Bowls Past and the TikTok Music Tussle: This Week in Sports & Entertainment

Welcome back to the Spotlight! Proudly artificial intelligence and brain chip-free since 2021SM. Would ChatGPT or a Neuralink brain-computer interface make my weekly task here easier? Perhaps. But ChatGPT wouldn’t be authentically me and a thought-reading Neuralink chip would be maybe *too* authentically me. That being said, I don’t have a high bar of originality to prove otherwise with history repeating itself with the Super Bowl matchup from four years ago (Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers) matching the one on tap for February 11. Speaking of high bars of originality, TikTok creators woke up Thursday morning to learn that they may need to channel their inner Charlie Chaplain on account of Universal Music Group pulling its song library from TikTok due to a row over an unfair artist royalty structure and proliferation of artificial intelligence on the platform. It will be interesting to see whether other labels follow suit to ratchet up pressure on the music-driven platform—now that’s something for which users could tap into their boundless attention span. (Editor’s Note: it was at this moment that—between Charlie Chaplain references and sarcastic remarks about the younger generation--Josh realized he’s turning into an old curmudgeon). Now, let’s get the rest of this out of the way…

    • Tom Brady’s Brady and TB12 apparel and fitness brands merge into Mike Depole’s (of VitaminWater and BodyArmor) athletic performance wear brand, NOBULL. Brady and Depole elected to keep the NOBULL name, though as a Giants fan, i think NORINGS might have been more fitting. 

    • An upcoming documentary will examine on the recording of the philanthropic 1985 song “We Are The World” meant to foster global cooperation in support of Africa. Me thinks the world could use more songs…

    • Slim Jim snaps out of its decades-long sponsorship of World Wrestling Entertainment after disgraced former chairman Vince McMahon is the subject of sex trafficking allegations. A shocking move considering the bad taste and difficult-to-digest things are the core of Slim Jim’s business model.

Endorsement Deals, Sponsorships & Investments
Stanley Cups Build on Viral Success With Utah Jazz Partnership
January 31, 2024 via Sportico
Joe Biden ‘may be sent to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour to pursue her endorsement’
January 30, 2024 via Metro
NFL Grants License to Taylor Swift Jacket Designer Juszczyk
January 30, 2024 via Sportico
Tom Brady’s Next Big Move: Merging TB12, Brady Brand with NOBULL
January 30, 2024 via Front Office Sports
Disclose celebrities’ ad compensation, law professor urges
January 29, 2024 via FTCWatch

Slim Jim Pauses WWE Sponsorship, Citing “Disturbing Allegations” Against Vince McMahon
January 27, 2024 via Deadline


Tennessee Sues NCAA Over NIL Pay in Wake of Benefits Probe
January 31, 2024 via Sportico

How Caitlin Clark’s stardom is impacting college athletics, marketing power of women in sports
January 29, 2024 via Corridor Business Journal

Music Biz

Universal Music Group plans to pull song catalog from TikTok
January 31, 2024 via Tech Crunch
No more Taylor Swift on TikTok after negotiations with label break down
January 31, 2024 via Ars Technica

Film & TV  

The Pop-Tarts Bowl Showed Brands Don’t Need a Super Bowl Ad to Make an Impact in Culture
February 1, 2024 via AdWeek - Advertising and Branding
Don’t expect to see many sports betting ads on TV during Super Bowl
January 31, 2024 via Las Vegas Review Journal
Fremantle Strikes Deal With ‘I Am Ruth’ Producer Me+You Productions
January 31, 2024 via Deadline
Documentary on 'We Are the World' goes deep inside recording session of starry 1985 charity single
January 30, 2024 via ABC 10
Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez giveaway videos are deepfake scams
January 29, 2024 via
Fox to Develop Drama Series ‘Borrowed Time’ With McG Producing (EXCLUSIVE)
January 29, 2024 via Variety
Super Bowl ads: An Apple commercial and ‘Where’s the beef?’ transformed the Super Bowl in 1984
January 27, 2024 via Chicago Sun Times
Netflix acquires Affleck’s Animals movie
January 26, 2024 via Advanced-Television.Com
Will the Super Bowl ever be exclusive to streaming?
January 26, 2024 via Los Angeles Times

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