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Alerts, Acquisitions, and Athletic Alliances: Spotlight on Sports & Entertainment

First things first, I owe you an apology for having startled you all the other day. You see, I was piloting a new distribution method for taking the Spotlight to the masses, and (oops!) I ended up setting off alerts on everyone’s mobile phones across the country. I take full responsibility and I really should have known better, particularly after seeing how ticked off people were to have U2’s album automatically pushed to their phones years ago. Although, things seem to have worked out for Bono and Co., adding to their accolades the opening of their residency at the $2.3 billion MSG Sphere in Las Vegas…  There’s also the possibility of dating Taylor Swift to reach a new audience, but I don’t think my wife (let alone Taylor Swift) would appreciate that. So, I think I would prefer good ol’ fashioned word of mouth for increasing my reach – that’s where you come in.

And here I come in with this week’s spotlighted stories:

    • Wallets are out for content streaming companies Apple and Netflix in the sports and film industries. Apple is rumored to be looking into acquiring Formula One racing rights. Netflix is acquiring “His Three Daughters” – a sentence a lot more troubling to hear than it is to read.  
    • The sports sponsorship market is hot and growing by an expected $22.64 billion between 2022 and 2027.  Jimmy Donaldson’s (also known as Mr. Beast) food brand Feastables, strikes a jersey patch sponsorship deal with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets in an effort to get consumers buzzing.

    • Meanwhile, English Premier League Football Club Chelsea entered into a 40 million pound ($49 million) shirt sponsorship deal of its own with sports technology company Infinite Athlete. Chelsea players will need infinite athleticism to carry all that weight up and down the field.

    • The WNBA is expanding for the first time in its history, adding two teams: one in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other likely to be in Portland. Exciting news for sure, but not the first time that trailblazers have played in Portland. 

Endorsement Deals, Sponsorships & Investments

Cricket World Cup: Maruti To Coca Cola Set For Marketing Blitz To Boost Sales
October 5, 2023 via Bloomberg Quint
Why Daimler Trucks added Charlotte FC sponsorship after backing Carolina Panthers
October 4, 2023 via Biz Journal
Scottsdale-based Signing Day Sports seeks to raise nearly $5 million in IPO
October 4, 2023 via Biz Journal
Avenue Capital Group Launches Dedicated Sports Fund
October 3, 2023 via Yahoo Finance
Sports Sponsorship Market to grow by USD 22.64 billion growth from 2022 to 2027, The emergence of new sports leagues boosts the market - Technavio
October 2, 2023 via PR Newswire
YouTuber MrBeast goes pro with Charlotte Hornets jersey sponsorship
October 2, 2023 via Mashable!

Pickleball growing in popularity, draws more sponsors
October 1, 2023 via Economic Times
Chelsea have signed a shirt sponsorship deal with sports technology company ...
September 30, 2023 via Reuters

Artificial Intelligence Prompts Renewed Consideration of a Federal Right of Publicity
September 29, 2023 via


Travis Kelce Says NFL Overdoing It With Taylor Swift Coverage
October 5, 2023 via Forbes

Portland under strong consideration for WNBA expansion team
October 5, 2023 via Athletic

Saudi Arabia launches bid to host FIFA World Cup 2034
October 4, 2023 via Gulf Business

Music Biz
US Supreme Court to take up Warner Chappell case around limitations on copyright damages, after appeal over Flo Rida ‘In The Ayer’ lawsuit
October 3, 2023 via U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals - News

Sphere Draws Rave Reviews as U2 Opens Unique Las Vegas Venue Residency
October 1, 2023 via Sportico

Songtradr acquires Bandcamp, promises continuity and new opportunities
September 29, 2023 via RAIN News

Film & TV  

SAG-AFTRA Leader: Actors Should Get Same AI Protections As Studios
October 5, 2023 via Hollywood Reporter
Forbes Top Creators: Fashion 50, The Millionaire Tastemakers Of TikTok, Instagram And YouTube
October 5, 2023 via Forbes
Beyonce's Renaissance Tour film will help fill gaps for light December box office
October 3, 2023 via CNBC
Netflix Acquires Elizabeth Olsen's ‘His Three Daughters' After Toronto Debut
October 2, 2023 via Hollywood Reporter
Apple reportedly looking at bidding for Formula 1 rights
October 1, 2023 via Awful Announcing
NBC Leans Into Taylor Swift to Build ‘Sunday Night Football’ Buzz
September 29, 2023 via Sportico

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