Emergency Injunction Team

Emergency Injunction Team

Some cases are emergencies. Only an immediate order from the court will prevent irreparable harm. When the stakes are high and every minute counts, Foster Pepper’s Emergency Injunction attorneys can lead the way. Experience matters in choosing the appropriate forum in federal or state court, in effectively marshaling and presenting key evidence and in navigating the particular requirements and procedures of courts in different jurisdictions.

Injunction cases put a premium on the ability to improvise and adapt. Our depth and breadth of experience enables us to anticipate and overcome the challenges presented in these fast-moving proceedings. Whether you are seeking to stop irreparable harm or facing a temporary restraining order or an injunction claim, our proven experience can make the difference.

Foster Pepper’s Emergency Injunction attorneys have broad experience in various types of injunction matters. The common theme is the ability to react quickly and effectively to secure or oppose injunctive relief.