Constitutional Law & Statutory

Constitutional Law & Statutory Rights

From voter-led initiatives to funding for transportation or public housing, Foster Pepper’s constitutional law and statutory rights attorneys represent clients in connection with pending legislation and the enforcement of statutes to help transform our cities, counties, and states. Decisions made at the local, state, and federal levels can deeply affect your organization and our firm’s extensive experience allows us to effectively partner with clients on a wide variety of matters. 

Our attorneys have experience with constitutional claims, election disputes, ballot title challenges, and litigation over the enforcement or validity of statutes and initiatives. Additionally, we have substantial experience advising candidates, election officials, organizations, and members of the public on election law, including ballot access and integrity provisions of federal law.

Clients look to us to provide guidance related to:

  • Ballot access
  • Campaign finance law
  • Constitutional law
  • Election law compliance
  • Initiative process and compliance
  • National Voter Registration Act (Section 8)
  • Open Public Meetings Act
  • Public Records Act
  • Regulatory advocacy
  • Voting Rights Act



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