June 13, 2011

Announcing Volume 2, Issue 3 of The Intermodal Lead

The Transportation Industries Group of Foster Pepper PLLC is pleased to present the next issue of The Intermodal Lead, a newsletter summarizing legal developments in freight carriage, logistics and transportation infrastructure for firm clients and friends.

In this issue:

  • Blurred Lines: an Intermediary’s Roles as Cargo Owner, Dispatcher, and Controller of Trucking Operations Produce Huge Accident Liability
  • “It’s Just Not Fair”: the Doctrine of Unjust Enrichment Under Maritime Law
  • Choosing a Vessel Registry
  • Substance Over Form: Formal Notice of Cargo Claim Need Not Specify a Dollar Amount if Adequate Damage Description is Provided, and a Carrier’s Denial Letter Must be Clear
  • STB-Blessed Limitation of Liability is Enforceable Between Two Carriers
  • The ADA and FAAAA Pre-Empt State Law Qui Tam Action Addressing Alleged False Fuel Surcharges
  • Even if a Shipper Thinks a Carrier is a Broker, Carmack and Federal Jurisdiction Apply
  • Interchange Agreement’s Indemnification Clause may be Enforceable Notwithstanding Texas Statute Prohibiting Mandatory Indemnification
  • Carriers Beware! Know What Your Bills of Lading say About Freight Charge Responsibility!

For more information, contact any attorney from the Transportation Industries Group.

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