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Marijuana facilityOn May 3, 2016, the City of Hillsboro adopted new land use regulations in preparation for recreational marijuana uses of the product.  The city’s new code allows marijuana production facilities only in the General Industrial (I-G) and Industrial Park (I-P) zones.  However, such production facilities are not allowed in the city’s recently adopted Industrial Sanctuary (I-S) or the light rail industrial zones.  As a practical matter, this limitation in the I-S zone may turn out to be smart planning as the city has envisioned high energy users at these locations, and marijuana production could have had adverse impacts to energy infrastructure and availability in the area.

Garvey Schubert Barer, representing Miki Barnes, is pleased to report the Oregon Court of Appeals issued a final order in Barnes v. City of Hillsboro, Court of Appeals No. A146145, issued November 24, 2010, upholding LUBA’s rejection of the zoning changes to over 7,000 properties in the vicinity of the Hillsboro Airport.  See also June 30, 2010 ruling.  Garvey Schubert Barer attorneys William Kabeiseman and Jennifer Bragar represented Ms. Barnes in the case.

We may be forgiven for not noticing a report issued in the dog days of August from Portland Metro’s Chief Operations Officer, Michael Jordan, recommending the addition of  2,658 acres to the Portland Metropolitan Urban Growth Boundary (“UGB”).  This compares to about 18, 700 acres added in 2002 and about 2,300 acres added in 2004-05.  However, the recommended changes this year are significant and controversial.

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