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Please join us on August 10 at the offices of Garvey Schubert Barer for the Euclid Society meeting. 

FAQs About EOAs: Economic Opportunity Analysis – Industrial Lands. 

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The legislature passed a handful of land use bills this session.  This includes Senate Bill 766 related to Economic Recovery and expedited site reviews for proposed industrial development, as well as Senate Bill 960 and House Bill 3280, related to winery events.  Read more for a quick snapshot.

The economic downturn has caused several “big box” retail stores, such as Circuit City and Linens n’ Things, to file for bankruptcy and close hundreds of stores.  The downturn has also caused several other “big box” retailers, including national chains like Walmart, Sears and Target, to re-evaluate their markets and eliminate underperforming stores, which has caused the closure of hundreds of more stores.[1]

Locating new commercial wind developments in Oregon is getting more difficult, not just because the premier locations are now festooned with towers, but because opponents, with the support of local governments, are favoring strict standards on towers over the revenue and green energy they also provide.  On June 29, the Umatilla Board of County Commissioners adopted one of the broadest and most sweeping regulations limiting the location of wind turbines across the state. 

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