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In Mingo v. Morrow County, __ Or LUBA __ (LUBA Nos. 2011-014, 2011-016, and 2011-017, June 2011), LUBA considered the Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) noise control regulations in OAR chapter 340, division 35.  The case involved Morrow County’s conditional use approval for a wind energy facility in 2005 which required that the facility comply with DEQ’s noise control regulations.

A recent Oregon Court of Appeals case illustrates how difficult it can be for a real estate investor or developer to try to invoke consumer laws against a foreclosing bank. 

In the article, “Community Variations in Social Vulnerability to Cascadia-Related Tsunamis in the U.S. Pacific Northwest,” the authors Nathan J. Wood, Christopher G. Burton and Susan L. Cutter, opine that the impacts of future tsunamis on individuals and communities in Oregon will vary widely due to socioeconomic and demographic differences.

Oregon has a unique planning program in which the state sets land use policies and regional and local governments must implement those policies through their comprehensive plans, zoning regulations and land use actions.  While unique, the Oregon system is not the only one in which state governments participate.

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