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Date: March 2022
Board & Administrator 

In an article for Board & Administrator, of counsel Kyle N. Richard explains the provisions of the Fourth Edition of the Revised Model Non-Profit Corporations Act, which will impact various aspects of non-profit board activities both in Washington state and nationally. Specific to the impacts of the updated provisions on nonprofit executive directors and their boards, Richard notes: “Nonprofit board members should ensure that they are aware of changes in the Model Non-Profit Corporations Act (and state implementations thereof).Those changes may have significant impacts on board and organization operations and governance, whether requiring changes to organizational documents, altering the duties board members owe to their organizations, or changing how organizational assets may be used or invested. While board members should consult with legal counsel before making significant changes, it is the board’s responsibility to be aware of the existence of these changes.”

To read the full article, please visit the Board & Administrator website. Subscription or paid access is required.

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