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The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has released its Fiscal Year 2014 per diem rates. While the standard continental U.S. per diem is up to $83, per diem rates in the Northwest have largely remained unchanged. For more information on the new rates, visit the U.S. General Services Administration website.

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The U.K.'s Office of Fair Trade (OFT) is currently evaluating and accepting public comments on whether formal commitments proposed by B.V. (, Expedia Inc (Expedia) and InterContinental Hotels Group plc (IHG) sufficiently address its competition concerns regarding the online offering of room only hotel accommodations by Online Travel Agents. The OFT is soliciting feedback on whether the proposed commitments offer an immediate and effective means of injecting meaningful competition into the online bookings.

Read full Press Release and Notice

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What these commitments will mean for pricing parity in the future remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks ahead.

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Please welcome new author and GSB attorney, Julia Holden-Davis, to the Duff on Hospitality blog! She has over 15 years of experience in the legal aspects of design and construction and works out of our new office in Anchorage, Alaska. Welcome, Julia, and thank you for today’s recommendations on selecting an appropriate contractor. – Greg 

Selecting the “right” contractor is one of several key steps in ensuring a hotel project has a strong likelihood of success. At times, the selection of the contractor might seem obvious – for example, a developer entering a new geographical market might bring with it a contractor with whom it already has extensive experience in other markets. However, contractor selection should consider a broader number of criteria, tailored to the particular needs of the project, to maximize the likelihood of success.

1) Pick the right people to make the selection

Consider first with whom to place the responsibility of making the selection, recognizing that within the typical hotel ownership and management structure, not to mention other project participants such as an architect or designer, not everyone has the same priorities, experience, or end goals. For example, one person (e.g. franchisor) might care the most for the aesthetic-related capabilities of a contractor. Another might prioritize timely performance (e.g. operator), yet another lowest cost (e.g. owner/developer). An outside architect may have a relationship (be it good or bad) with certain contractors. Selecting an individual or a team who understands the needs of the facility, the critical points, and the overall goals can lead to a much better evaluation process – and ultimately, identification of the most suitable contractor.

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2) Consider industry dialogue

Consider discussing the project or portions of the project with a variety of contractors or other industry professionals before actually evaluating or selecting a contractor. The information gleaned in early discussions can play a significant role in defining realistic expectations, developing innovative ideas, selecting new products, and improving the overall quality of the project. For example, a franchised property whose intended aesthetic is cutting edge, top of the line, with new and fresh ideas may want to carefully consider the use of new materials which may not yet have a proven service record. Similarly, contractors with a depth of building experience with the chosen brand may have good suggestions to the design, phasing, or to other aspects of the project that could improve the overall quality or decrease the time or cost of construction.

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