John R. Nelson

Working as a trial lawyer from Spokane, Washington, John Ray Nelson has represented clients in state and federal courts in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah, as lead counsel in the following types of cases:

-Intellectual Property Litigation, including defense and prosecution of patent, trademark and copyright infringement claims
- Contract Litigation, including commercial sales, construction, professional malpractice, and partnership dissolution disputes
- Real Estate Litigation, including sales contract, misrepresentation/ failure to disclose, boundary, easement and water rights disputes
- Employment Defense Litigation, including discrimination, retaliation, wrongful discharge and competition disputes
- Environmental Litigation, including defense of Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act citizen suits and conjoined toxic tort claims
- Trespass and Nuisance Litigation, including claims of surface and groundwater contamination, insurance recovery and cleanup allocation

John has been admitted to practice in Washington, Utah, and Idaho. He has also served as a federal law clerk for the Eastern District of Washington, and as Chair of the Washington State Bar Association's Litigation Section. Click on the links to the right for further information about individual topics.

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